Flexy Funnel

We are passionate about building funnels

There were requests and a high demand for flexable funnels. That is why we took over the initiative to build you, our funnelers the most portable and cost efficient funnels! Made by veterans, for our funnel community. Here is a demo on how to use it!

Let’s Get this Show Started!

We have several entertaining videos for you to watch. Click below to start the show on Flexy Funnels! If you are interested in recording a video for us, please feel free to connect with us below!

Jay Scrivener

Creator & Founder

Jay is an amazing father and husband to his beautiful family. While running Flexy Funnel, Jay also is in the military serving our country and protecting our citizens. Flexy Funnel was created with one thing in mind, to make things funnel easier!

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